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We express our appreciation for your kind consideration and your generosity

Sri Amitava Majumder, Group General Manager - Finance & Administration, Liberty Investment Company L.L.C., United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is handing over a donation-cheque to Smt Debasmita Biswas, President, Let us join, on May 5, 2015, at Kolkata.

(L - R) Sri Amitava Majumder, Debasmita Biswas, Chaitali De and Tapatee Sengupta.

We are also greatful to the following people for sending us donation to support our initiative.
Dr Pranati Sinha
Smt Alo Roy
Smt Aparna Chatterjee
Smt Bipasha Roy
Smt Debasmita Biswas
Ms Ipsita Biswas
Smt Jolly Roy
Smt Karabi Ghosh
Smt Somava Paul
Smt Tanusree Roy Burman
Dr Manojit Biswas
Sri Alak De
Sri Amar Banerjee
Sri Asim Sinha
Sri Avik De
Sri Ayan De
Sri Debajit Ghosh
Sri Sudeb Kumar Roy
Ms Sulagna Roy
Sri Susobhan Roy
other well-wishers